MTC- Operations Committee – Sep 12, 2014


Confirm Quorum
Action: Confirm Quorum
Consent Calendar:
Recommended position: Committee Approval
Minutes of July 11, 2014 meeting.*
• 2a_Minutes_July_11_2014.pdf
Fourth Quarter SAFE Financial Statements June 2014 (Unaudited)*
Presented by: Sonia Elsonbaty
• 2b_Financial_Statement_and_Budget_Vs._Actual.pdf
Contract Amendment – On-Call Transportation Engineering and Planning Services – Ramp Metering Support: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. ($500,000)*
Action: Lin Zhang
• 2c_On-Call_Services_Amendment_KHA.pdf
Contract – On-Call Transportation Management System Services – Design of Joint Operations Center at 375 Beale: DKS Associates ($200,000)*
Presented by: Jay Stagi
• 2d_JOC_Design_Services_Contract.pdf
Contract – On-Call Transportation Management System Services – Connected Vehicle Program Support: Cambridge Systematics, Inc. ($150,000)*
Presented by: Virginia Lingham
• 2e_CV_Program_Support.pdf
Contract Amendments – On-Call Transportation Management System Services for 511*
i. 511 Technical Support: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. ($100,000) ii. Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture Maintenance: Iteris, Inc. ($200,000)
Presented by: Shauna Callow
• 2f_On-Call_511_Technical_Adviser___ITS_Architect..pdf
Arterial Operations Program*
i. Next Generation Arterial Operations Program FY2014-15 Cycle of Projects ($4,250,000) ii. Contract Amendment – Program for Arterial System Synchronization – Systems Engineering Support: Iteris, Inc. ($430,000)
Presented by: Lin Zhang
Action: Committee Approval
• 3_NextGen_AOP_Projects___Contract_Amend.pdf
California Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Update Information
Caltrans is currently updating its Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which was first developed in 2006. Caltrans consultant, Cambridge Systematics, will provide a brief overview of the SHSP update process.
Presented by: Cambridge Systematics
Action: Information
• 4_Strategic_Highway_Safety_Plan_Update.pdf
Public Comment/Other Business/Next Meeting/Adjournment
Friday October 10, 2014 at 9:35 a.m. Lawrence D. Dahms Auditorium 101 8th Street Oakland, CA 94607

Videos Provided by Ken Bukowski – (510) 305-0000

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