MTC- Legislation Committee – Sep 12, 2014

Legislation Committee
September 12, 2014 9:40 AM
(or immediately following the 9:35 a.m. Operations Committee meeting, whichever occurs later)
Joseph P. Bort MetroCenter
Lawrence D. Dahms Auditorium
101 Eighth Street
Oakland, California 94607
The Legislation Committee recommends legislative policy, represents the Commission in the legislative process and oversees MTC’s public information and public participation programs.
This agenda was updated September 12, 2014 11:15 AM. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge at that time.
For assistance, please contact Martha Silver,, 510.817.5604
This meeting will be audiocast on the MTC Web site during the meeting, and an audio file will be available for approximately one month after the meeting date.
Scott Haggerty
Vice Chair
Sam Liccardo
Alicia Aguirre
Anne W. Halsted
Steve Kinsey
Mark Luce
Jake Mackenzie
James P. Spering
Tom Azumbrado+
Dorene Giacopini+
Ex Officio
Amy Rein Worth***
Dave Cortese***
Ad Hoc
All Other Commissioners
Staff Liaison
Randy Rentschler
Confirm Quorum
Consent Calendar
Minutes of July 11, 2014 meeting.*
Action: Approval
• 2a_Minutes_July.pdf
Legislative History++
Presented by: R. Long
Action: Information
• 2b_Legislative_History_Sept_2014.pdf
2015 Public Participation Plan*
Staff will present information and milestones for updating MTC’s Public Participation Plan in 2015, including anticipated public engagement opportunities for Plan Bay Area.
Presented by: E. Griffin
Action: Information
• 3_MTCPublicParticipationPlanUpdate.pdf
State Legislation
State Legislative Update*
Overview of the 2014 State Legislative Session
Presented by: R. Long
Action: Information
• 4a_State_Legislative_Update_Handout.pdf
Update on Guideline Development for Cap and Trade Funding*
Overview of workshops and schedule for implementing the state’s new Cap and Trade funding programs for transportation and housing.
Presented by: R. Long
Action: Information
• 4b_Att2-pb.pdf
• 4b_Att3-pb-new.pdf
• 4b_CapandTradeWorkshops.pdf
Federal Legislation
H.R. 5021, Extension of MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century)*
Summary of legislation to extend the current federal surface transportation program through May 2015.
Presented by: R. Rentschler
Action: Information
• 5a_HR_5021.pdf
Tom Bulger’s Report*
Report from MTC’s advocate in Washington D.C.*
Presented by: R. Rentschler
Action: Information
• 5b_Handout_FY_2014_TIGER_Grant_Awards_Announcement.pdf
• 5b_Tom_Bulger_s_DC_Report_July__2014.pdf
Other Business/Public Comment/Adjourn
Next meeting

Videos Provided by Ken Bukowski – (510) 305-0000

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