MTC – Commission Meeting – Sep 24, 2014 –

Action/Recommended Position
1. Confirm Quorum***
2. Chair’s Report (Worth) Information
3. Policy Advisory Council Report (Cathleen Baker) Information
4. Executive Director’s Report (Heminger) Information
5. Commissioner Comments Information
6. Consent Calendar
• Commission Meeting Minutes – July 23, 2014.*
• Resolution No. 3653, Revised – Rescission of $1.8 million and allocation of $2 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds for the Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore project.*
• Resolution No. 3675 – Allocation of $766,000 in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to AC Transit for the Richmond Parkway Transit Center project.*
• Resolution Nos. 3708, Revised and 4050, Revised – Allocation of $30,000 in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to the Eastern Contra Costa County Transit Authority for 511 Real-Time Transit Information Integration.*
• Resolution No. 4035, Revised – MTC concurrence and approval for proposed amendments to the 2014 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) for two projects in Santa Clara County.*
• Resolution No. 4097 – Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA) Designation for Solano Transportation Authority in Solano County.*
• Resolution No. 4098, Revised – Revision to FY 2013-14 Regional Measure 2 (RM2) Operating Assistance Program.*
• Resolution No. 4156 – Approval of Program Guidelines for the FY 2012-13 and FY 2013-14 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities for Large Urbanized Areas of the San Francisco Bay Area.*
• Resolution No. 4157 – Allocation of $10 million in Regional Measure 2 (RM2) funds to AC Transit for the Dumbarton Express Bus Replacement project.*
Committee Reports
7 Programming and Allocations Committee (Glover)
a. Resolution No. 4133, Revised – Revision to the FY 2014-15 Fund Estimate.* Revises the FY 2014-15 Fund Estimate distribution of State Transit Assistance (STA) to reflect the latest distribution factors released by the State Controller’s Office. Approval
b. Resolution No. 4132, Revised – Adoption of the 2014 Regional Active Transportation Program (ATP).* Proposed adoption of the 2014 Regional Competitive ATP, programming $30 million of state and federal funds.
c. Resolution Nos. 4175 and 4176 – Adoption of the 2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Federal Air Quality Conformity Determination for the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the 2015 TIP.* The federally required TIP is a comprehensive listing of all Bay Area surface transportation projects that receive federal funds or that are subject to federally required action. MTC is required to make a positive air quality conformity determination for the TIP in accordance with EPA?s transportation conformity regulations and MTC?s Bay Area Air Quality Conformity Procedure.
d. Resolution No. 4035, Revised – Transit Performance Initiative (TPI) Investment Program – Round Two.*
Recommendations for approximately $23 million in STP/CMAQ unds through the Transit Performance Initiative (TPI) Investment Program ($19 million in funding for TPI Investment Round Two, and scope determination for $4 million for SFMTA Round One project); addition of SMART to Clipper® small operator funding (previously approved); shifting of $500,000 of federal funds within Freeway Performance Initiative.
8. Planning Committee (Spering)
a. Resolution No. 2120, Revised – Guidelines for Countywide Transportation Plans.* Recommended revisions to the Guidelines for Countywide Transportation Plans. Approval

9. Public Comment Information
10. Adjournment

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