Oakland Forum – Creation of an Oakland Public Bank – Feb 9, 2017 – Oakland City Hall

Excellent Presentation. Oakland Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan, Dan Kalb & Councilmember Abel Gilllen sponsored this Oakland Forum to announce their support for an Oakland Public Bank. The Mayor of Berkeley said his city wants to partner with Oakland. The meeting revealed a new source of capital funding for public.
Former Mayor and Council Member Gale McLaughlin said Richmond is interested,

There was a panel of experts, including the Mayor of the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are moving forward with a public bank. The new source of funding are Cannibus Clubs. They are prohibited from having bank accounts. They are forced to use large sums of cash, for everything they buy and sell. They are prone to robbery.

The creation of the public bank provides a safe place for cannibus money.It also circumvents any consfication of local assets if the big banks fail. There is a meeting at Oakland City Hall at 9:30am where the city will consider moving forward with a feasibility study.